All businesses need reliable, faster broadband to run smoothly and even in the West Country availability is now generally good in every town and many villages. Fast broadband not only delivers an internet connection to you but it opens up the opportunity to benefit from Cloud technology, allowing businesses to access the quality and range of services that Cloud offers and to provide a better experience to customers.

We supply business grade fast fibre, backed up by excellent service levels by working with BT, KCOM, Gamma, TalkTalk, and Virgin to fully research, identify and match your business with the right supplier, no matter what your needs or location. Our business grade fibre is available with unlimited data download volumes and we also supply leased lines to businesses that have extremely high connectivity demands. If you are unfortunate enough to still be in a fibre blackspot then we will work with you to identify alternative methods for delivery of fast internet, such as satellite or community Wi-Fi.

Supporting customers is important to Ubi so we monitor all of our fibre connections remotely to ensure the resilience, quality and performance levels. Issues are automatically notified to us, so we are always aware of any support that you may need.

We know how to get the very best out of fast fibre and would be delighted to speak with you. If your business is based in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset or Dorset then please contact us to find the best fibre option for your business.

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