‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’ or so they say. We can help you to measure, and therefore manage, through the range of communications management software that we supply. Our call logging and call recording software can greatly benefit your business. It can help you to train and manage staff more efficiently and can assist with solving disputes and can give you the information to ensure that you have the right level of staffing at your peak call times, so keeping your customers happy and your staff costs lower.

We supply and support a range of productive business management software from call monitoring, to call recording and speed of response to task management. We work with some of the leading business management software companies in the UK, to help you to gain valuable insight into the performance of your teams, so that you can make informed business decisions.

We supply icall contact centre management software for 5 to 100 seats and we partner with Blackbx guest Wi-Fi software for fantastic guest Wi-Fi that will help you to understand and manage demand.

Ubi supplies Ericsson-LG’s own call recording software (IPCR) and icall’s call recording which can help you to ensure that your team communicates with your customers in the right manner and can speed up resolving disputes.

Our Taskman task management software is perfect for schools and multi-site business managers who have many daily tasks across many buildings. Web based, simple to use and completely secure, it helps estate mangers and office managers to co-ordinate tasks, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency.

If your business is based in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset or Dorset then please contact us to find out how management software can help your business productivity.

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